Work Experience


Work experience is an invaluable opportunity for all students in Year 12 to gain insight into the world of work, and its responsibilities. It provides them with the opportunity to develop the key skills they will need outside of the classroom and beyond in shaping their future careers.


The aim of work experience:

  1. To enable students to deepen their understanding of the curriculum-related concepts and apply skills learned in the classroom.
  2. To explore an area of work that is of interest and may be relevant to the student’s choice of career.
  3. To gain evidence of competency in key skills to enhance their CV or Personal statement for a University application.

Students in Year 12 take part in a week-long work experience placement at the end of the summer term in July.


On-Going Work Placements

Students in 6th Form are encouraged to organise on-going work experience particularly if they are considering applying to university to study competitive courses such as Medicine, Health-related courses, Teaching, Veterinary Science. On-going work experience can be completed during the holidays as well as in students free periods.


In the past students have had on-going placements with 

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Trust

Alder Hey NHS Trust

Liverpool Women’s Hospital


Local Primary Schools