Don't Forget!

Friday 1st December is an inset day! 
No one is expected at school. 

We are very excited to be holding our Annual Prizegiving here in our college hall on Thursday 30th November at 6:30pm. 

It will be wonderful to celebrate the achievements of our Xaverians and welcome back old students to celebrate all their hard work. 

This week’s Behaviour Attitudes is about Culture and Giving back. 

If you want to read more copy the link below 

#Behaviour #Xaverian
Our Year 13 OCR Sports class are holding a Year 7 dodgeball tournament to raise funds for Alder Hay Children’s Charity! 

This will take place on Tuesday 19th December 2023!!

If you are in Year 7 and interested in playing keep in mind that participants will be those with the most positive points in their form, need £2, a signed letter from parents and a full PE kit! 

#Dodgeball #alderhey