To contact any member of staff, you can use ClassCharts to send them a short message message, or you can email them. To email any member of staff, their email address is:

[email protected]

Pastoral Team

Mr L Atkinson Head of Year 7

Vacant  Year 7 Pastoral Support Officer

Mr P Devine Head of Year 8

Mrs L Hutcheon Year 8 Pastoral Support Officer

Mr K Glover Head of Year 9

Mr S Smillie Year 9 Pastoral Support Officer

Ms L Cavanagh Head of Year 10

Mr J McDonnagh Year 10 Pastoral Support Officer (Acting)

                              Head of Year 11

Mr C Brady Year 11 Pastoral Support Officer

Ms J Dudley Senior Pastoral Leader

Curriculum Leaders

Ms V Charlett Art & Design

Ms L McParland Business & Economics & Careers

Ms J Holmes Computing 

Mr D Bowers Design Technology

Ms A Hayes English

Mr K Mansfield Film Studies

Mr G Bright Geography

Mr J Fisher History

Mr R Clark Literacy

Ms D Hennigan Mathematics

Mr D Stokes Music

Mr G Skelton PSHCE 

Mr A Brown PE

Ms P Finlay Psychology

Mr R Matthews Religious Studies

Mr J Lal Science

Miss A Brack MFL 

Curriculum Teams

Art & Design

Ms V Charlett – Curriculum Leader for Art & Design

Ms E Lyons

Business Studies & Economics

Ms L McParland – Curriculum Leader for Business Studies/Economics

Mr W Dewis

Ms N Williams

Mr M Adamson 

Careers, Citizenship & PSHE

Mr G Skelton – Curriculum Leader for Citizenship & PSHE

Ms E Meredith – Career Connect Careers Advisor

Ms C Doyle – Career Connect Careers Advisor


Ms J Holmes – Curriculum Leader for Computing

Mr L Atkinson

Ms L Cavanagh

Ms K Lindop 

Mr T Cartwright

Design Technology

Mr D Bowers – Curriculum Leader for Design Technology

Ms M Baguley

Mr G Skelton


Ms A Hayes – Curriculum Leader for English

Mr K Mansfield – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms P Shinks – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr R Clark – Literacy & Reading Coordinator

Ms M Gallagher

Mr P Green 

Ms K Griffin

Ms S Richardson

Miss S McDonald 


Mr G Bright – Curriculum Leader for Geography

Mr A Burke

Mr G Skelton


Mr J Fisher – Curriculum Leader for History

Ms A Crickett

Mr I Green

Ms L Beeton

Learning Support

Ms C Liddy – SENDCO

Ms D Fletcher – Assistant SENCO


Ms D Hennigan – Curriculum Leader for Mathematics

Ms N Smith – Assistant Curriculum Leader (Maternity Leave)

Miss H Mealey –  Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss A Fitzsimons 

Ms K Arends

Mr K Glover

Mr P Devine 

Mr R Jackson

Mr D Scally

Modern Foreign Languages

Miss A Brack – Curriculum Leader for MFL

Mr B Mitchinson

Mr H Jacks 

Ms K Byrne 

Ms C Farren


Mr D Stokes – Curriculum Leader for Music

Ms S Steff

Physical Education

Mr A Brown – Curriculum Leader for PE

Mr P Kelly

Mr D Martin

Mr A Murphy

Mr M Platt


Ms P Finlay – Curriculum Leader for Psychology

Religious Studies

Mr R Matthews – Curriculum Leader for Religious Studies

Mr L Mythen – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss M Peacock

Mr D Garnett

Miss T Walmsley 


Mr J Lal – Curriculum Leader

Dr R Carvell – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr S Irwin 

Mr S Collins 

Mr S Gregson 

Ms K McCullough

Mr J McMillan

Dr L Descallar

Ms A Sefton

Administrative Staff

Ms D Banks – PA to Headteacher/Clerk to Governing Board/Company Secretary

Ms G Butcher – Attendance Manager

Ms K Walker – Front of House

Ms P Davies – Examinations Officer

Vacancy –  Clerical Officer/Pastoral

Ms J Gardner – Admin Officer

Ms P Pacey – SIMS Manager

Student Support Services

Ms J Dudley – Senior Pastoral Leader

Ms C Barker – Pastoral Support Co-ordinator


Ms M Forrester – Catering Manager

Mrs S Jackson – Chef

Ms S Brown

Ms C Hunter

Ms B Keatley

Ms M Kilburn

Ms C Quane

Ms L Arends

Ms S Le Good

Community Facilities

Mr S McCrystal

Mr S Wilde

Mr A O’Hare

Mr M Devlin

Mr C Neary

Mr V Connell

Cover Supervisor

Mr A Acuna Echevarria

Ms S Brady

Ms C Gregory

Cleaning Staff

Ms D Hollyoak – Manager

Ms A McNicholas

Ms V Bullock

Ms J Riley

Ms S Draper

Ms S Southern

Ms D Shannon

Ms J A Jones

Mr T Shannon

Ms T Parr

Ms J Wright


Mrs C Densmore – Business Manager
Mr H Ewins
Ms V Hill


Mr M Phillips – Systems Manager

Mr C Davies – IT Technician 

Mrs L Seasman – Lab Technician                         

Mrs L Walters – Lab Technician

Mr T Fox – DT Technician

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs N Boardman
Mrs R MacCormack
Mrs J Hood (p/t)
Mr D Hinnigan
Ms E Milne
Ms B Lynch
Ms T Hubbard


Ms M Leong (P/T)

Ms G Hernandez (P/T)

Site Staff

Mr P Wheeler – Site Manager

Mr W Kay –  Assistant Site Manager

Mr A Fogg

Mr D Reynolds – Groundsman