To email any member of staff their email is:

[email protected]

For example to email Miss L Rippon her email would be:

[email protected]

Pastoral Team

Ms L Rippon Head of Year 7

Mr D Martin Assistant Head of Year 7

Ms L Cavanagh Head of Year 8

Mr P Kelly Assistant Head of Year 8

Mr M Platt Head of Year 9

Mrs L Hutcheon Assistant Head of Year 9

Mr L Atkinson Head of Year 10

Mr A Murphy Assistant Head of Year 10

Mr K Glover Head of Year 11

Mr I Green Assistant Head of Year 11


Ms J Dudley Behaviour Support Manager

Mr C Brady Behaviour Support Assistant

Ms A Staunton Lead for Pupil Premium



Curriculum Leaders

Ms V Charlett Art & Design

Mr R Conroy Business & Economics

Mr A Daniels Careers

Ms J Holmes Computing

Mr D Bowers Design Technology

Ms P Shinks Drama

Ms A Hayes English

Ms C Thiery French

Mr G Bright Geography

Mr S Harrison History

Mr R Clark Literacy

Ms A Fitzsimons Mathematics

Mr D Stokes Music

Ms J Costello PSHCE

Mr A Brown PE

Ms P Finlay Psychology

Mr R Matthews Religious Studies

Ms S McDonald SENDCo

Mr J Lal Science

Ms K Fakir Spanish (maternity leave)

Mr B Mitchinson Spanish


Curriculum Teams

Art & Design

Ms V Charlett Curriculum Leader for Art & Design

Ms D Harris


Business Studies & Economics

Mr R Conroy Curriculum Leader for Business Studies/Economics

Mr W Dewis

Ms L Morgan

Ms N Williams


Careers, Citizenship & PSHE

Ms J Costello Curriculum Leader for Citizenship & PSHE

Mr A Daniels Curriculum Leader for Careers

Ms E Meredith Career Connect Careers Advisor

Ms C Doyle Career Connect Careers Advisor


Ms J Holmes Curriculum Leader for Computing

Mr L Atkinson

Ms L Cavanagh

Design Technology

Mr D Bowers Curriculum Leader for Design Technology

Mr N Pendleton


Ms P Shinks Curriculum Leader for Drama


Ms A Hayes Curriculum Leader for English

Mr K Mansfield Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms P Shinks Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr R Clark Literacy Coordinator

Mr P Green 

Ms K Griffin

Ms E McCrory

Ms S Richardson



Mr G Bright Curriculum Leader for Geography

Mr A Burke

Ms S Cain

Mr G Skelton


Mr S Harrison Curriculum Leader for History

Ms A Crickett

Mr J Fisher

Mr I Green


Learning Support

Ms S McDonald Curriculum Leader: SENDCo

Ms L Grace Assistant Curriculum Leader


Ms A Fitzsimons Curriculum Leader for Mathematics

Ms N Donaghy Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms V McKenna Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms K Arends

Ms J Costello

Mr K Glover

Mr P Devine

Mr R Jackson


Modern Foreign Languages

Ms C Thiery Curriculum Leader for French

Ms K Fakir Curriculum Leader for Spanish (maternity leave)

Ms C Hulmes

Mr B Mitchinson


Mr D Stokes Curriculum Leader for Music

Mr D Mansfield


Physical Education

Mr A Brown Curriculum Leader for PE

Mr P Kelly

Mr D Martin

Mr A Murphy

Mr M Platt

Ms L Rippon



Ms P Finlay Curriculum Leader for Psychology


Religious Studies

Mr R Matthews Curriculum Leader for Religious Studies

Ms M Lydon Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms L Rippon

Ms A Staunton



Mr J Lal Curriculum Leader

Mr S Irwin Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr S Collins Key Stage 3 Coordinator

Dr R Carvell

Mr A Daniels

Ms K McCullough

Mr J McMillan

Mr E Robertson

Dr L Descallar