Administrative Staff

Ms D Banks PA to Headteacher/Clerk to Governing Board/Company Secretary

Ms G Butcher Attendance Manager

Ms L Cliffe Receptionist

Ms P Davies Examinations Officer

Ms M Shannon Admin For Pastoral Team

Ms J Gardner  Admin Officer

Ms P Pacey SIMS Manager

Ms K Walker 6th Form Admin

Behaviour Support

Ms J Dudley Pastoral Support Manager

Mr C Brady


Ms M Forrester Catering Manager

Mr M Curd Chef

Ms L Aziz

Ms N Broley

Ms S Brown

Ms J Buckley

Ms L Gledhill  

Ms C Hunter

Ms B Keatley 

Ms M Kilburn

Ms R Malone 

Ms C Quane

Community Facilities

Mr O Wheeler

Cover Supervisor

Ms L Hutcheon

Cleaning Staff

Ms D Hollyoak Manager

Ms J Birchall       

Ms A McNicholas

Ms V Bullock     

Ms J Riley

Ms S Draper      

Ms S Southern

Ms C Flack         

Ms D Shannon

Ms J A Jones    

Mr T Shannon    

Ms T Parr

Ms J Wright        

Ms V Singleton

Design Technology Technician

Mr T Fox


Ms C Furnival Business Manager

Ms D Jones Assistant Business Manager

Ms L Walker Assistant Business Manager


Mr M Phillips Network Manager

Mr P Rhodes

Laboratory Technicians

Ms L Seasman

Ms L Walters

Learning Support Assistants

Ms N Boardman

Ms J Hood

Ms R MacCormack

Ms J Wilkes

Ms G Worthington


Ms R Price


Ms A Blacklin

Ms M Leong

Site Staff

Mr P Wheeler Site Manager

Mr W Kay Assistant Site Manager

Mr D Reynolds Groundsman