Head Boy

My name is Thomas South and I am the Junior Head Boy at SFX. I am currently in Year 11 and enjoy subjects such as Geography and History. In my spare time I like to go for a walk or jog and go to the gym.

As Head Boy, I want to ensure that the voices of the students are heard so that with their ideas, the school can improve to be the best it can be. I also find it important to have an environment where everyone can help and work together.
The roles of Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy and Prefects have given great opportunities and have allowed students from different year groups to come together to put forward different views and ideas that will make our school even better. It has also allowed us to help other students in school who need our help and allowed us to support them in the best way possible.
During my time in SFX, I have visited numerous countries and represented the school in sports competitions. I took part in a French Spelling Bee competition and have met lots of new people. Along with this, I have always had the guidance and support from my teachers, who have given me and other students plenty of useful resources and information that has helped us prepare for next year’s GCSE’s.

Deputy Head Boy

Hi, my name is Joe Lester and I’m the Deputy Head Boy. Throughout the nearly five years that I have studied at SFX, the subjects that I have most enjoyed have always been Maths, Spanish and the Sciences. SFX has greatly prepared me for not just my GCSEs this summer, but for the life that I have ahead of me. The first day I walked into SFX, the thing that struck me most was the fantastic facilities – my year was the first to have access to the new Science building and the new sports hall. These great facilities have provided me with a range of amazing opportunities that I have not only enjoyed, but will enhance my future prospects as well. 

This summer I will be sitting my GCSE exams. The last five years of my school life has been building up to a few weeks in May and June. SFX has enabled me to prepare well for these with enjoyable lessons and some inspiring teachers. After GCSEs, come two years of A Level study, and beyond that comes university and the world of work. I will be able in the years to come, to look back at the opportunities; such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award and the school’s sports teams, that SFX provided me with that allowed me to get where I will be at that point in time.

As Deputy Head Boy I have to perform a range of duties. Twice a week, I spend my form time helping out in a Year 7 form. Furthermore, I have helped out at the Open Evening as well as Induction Day last July. To add to this, another of my duties is charity work – for example, helping to sell cakes to raise money for our Year Group Charities. Being Deputy Head Boy not only provides enjoyment now, but will also help me with prospects in the future.