In Year Transfer is the term used when children transfer from one school to another school during the academic year.  

Applying for Schools

  1. Parents whose children are already registered at a Liverpool School.

Parents applying for a local school to school transfer to a Liverpool community, voluntary aided, trust or academy school must contact their child’s existing secondary school to discuss any In Year Transfer application in detail. Any such transfer will not be co-ordinated by the local authority and would be managed by the schools concerned.

  1. Parents who have recently moved home or are intending to move home within the City where transport to their child’s existing school is no longer practical 

Parents applying for an in year transfer in these circumstances must fill out an application online at . Parents can contact   

Liverpool Local Authority on 233 3006 to ensure that they receive appropriate guidance. 

  1. New residents to the City whose children are not currently registered at a Liverpool School.

Parents applying for an in year transfer in these circumstances must fill out an application online at . Parents can contact   

Liverpool Local Authority on 233 3006 to ensure that they receive appropriate guidance. 

  1. Liverpool residents applying for a place in a school outside of Liverpool. 

Parents applying for schools outside of Liverpool must contact the relevant Local Authority to establish the correct In Year Application procedure in that Local Authority.

   e)  Neighbouring Local Authority residents 

Neighbouring Local Authority residents who have not moved home and wish to transfer to a Liverpool Local Authority school must comply with the Liverpool Local Authority In Year Transfer arrangements. Parents applying for an in year transfer in these circumstances must fill out an application online at . Parents can contact   

Liverpool Local Authority on 233 3006 to ensure that they receive appropriate guidance. 

Application Forms and Process (Local School to School Transfers)

In the case of local school to school transfers, as outlined above in section a), an In Year Transfer form will be made available via the applicant’s existing secondary school and parents and schools must follow the procedure below;

  1. Parents must arrange an appointment with the relevant admissions officer at their existing school in order to facilitate a potential In Year Transfer. 
  1. The applicant’s existing school must demonstrate on the In Year Transfer Form that all options to enable the student to sustain their place at their existing school have been explored. Further background information, such as attendance, attainment and conduct log records must also be provided by the applicants existing school.
  1. This information will be used by the potential receiving school when they determine applications. 
  1. If all of the required background information is not provided then the application is not considered valid and cannot be processed in accordance with agreed timescales.

Schools will confirm directly with parents/carers any pre-admission meetings and start dates once admission has been agreed.

Liverpool Local Authority will act as an information point for all schools and parents regarding general enquiries about the In Year Transfer process. 

Application Forms and Process (All other In Year Transfer Requests)

For In Year transfer requests from sections b), c) and e) the local authority will co-ordinate and process applications from the online application form at within the locally agreed timescales.

Determining Applications

For community secondary schools, the Local Authority, as the admitting authority, will determine In Year admissions applications in conjunction with the school.

For voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies, the respective governing body, as the admitting authority, is responsible for determining In Year admissions applications for their school. The governing body will have to ensure that the school’s admission committee can meet as required to determine applications and that evidence of this is retained in the event of any appeals. 

If the year group is full, applicants will usually be refused admission and if parents wish their child’s name will be added to the waiting list and they will be informed of the right of appeal.

If the governing body refuse to admit a child they must include an explanation of their decision e.g. the year group is full or on the grounds of “challenging behaviour”. In their decision letter to the Local Authority the governing body has to give the reason for refusing admission.  For Governing bodies refusing on the grounds of “challenging behaviour” then please refer to the following section, ‘Schools Refusing Admissions to a Child’, for further information. 

If there are more applicants for places than there are places in a year group the school’s In Year Transfer admission policy will be used to decide which children are admitted. For Community Secondary Schools the Local Authority In Year Transfer admission policy will be applied.

Unsuccessful In Year Applicants (New to City)

Where an applicant is unregistered and new to the city, the local authority will make an offer of place at the next nearest school with vacancies available. This is done in order to safeguard a child who would otherwise be unregistered at school if applications are made to schools which do not have vacancies at the time of an application.

Schools Refusing Admission to a Child

In exceptional circumstances, Paragraph 3.12 of the School Admissions Code below, allows schools to refuse to admit children with challenging behaviour.

LAs must have a Fair Access Protocol to ensure that unplaced children are placed quickly. Section 3.12 of the School Admissions Code outlines, “where a governing body does not wish to admit a child with challenging behaviour outside the normal admissions round, even though places are available, it must refer the case to the local authority for action under the Fair Access Protocol. This will normally only be appropriate where a school has a particularly high proportion of children with challenging behaviour or previously excluded children. This provision will not apply to a looked after child, a previously looked after child or a child with a statement of special educational needs naming the school in question, as these children must be admitted.”

Consideration has been given to some of the circumstances in which this might apply to Liverpool schools and academies and it has been agreed that this will normally only be appropriate where a school has a particularly high concentration of pupils with challenging behaviour, or previously excluded children and one or more of the following exceptional circumstances exist, namely that the school:

requires special measures or has recently come out of them (within the last 2 years)
has been identified by Ofsted as having serious weaknesses or requiring significant improvement and therefore given “notice to improve”
is subject to a formal warning notice
where a large number of referrals have already been made by the Fair Access Panel 

The Fair Access Protocol will be revised to take account of paragraph 3.12 and these locally agreed arrangements.

Allocating Places and Starting Dates 

The offer of a place will be made as soon as possible after the school has agreed to admit the child. However, start date and admission may be subject to the school or academy’s own induction/enrolment procedures. Please note if applicants apply at the end of a term it may not be possible to offer a place until the beginning of the next term due to schools not being available during school holiday periods to determine applications. 

Longer delays can occur during the longer holiday periods of Easter, Christmas and the Summer Holiday breaks as the holiday periods are not deemed to be school/business days.

Parents applying for their child to attend a school outside Liverpool will be offered places in accordance with the terms of the maintaining Local Authority In Year Application arrangements.

If a child is refused a place the decision letter sent by the Local Authority will advise parents why their child has not been admitted and inform them of their right to appeal to an independent appeal panel. The letter will have the relevant contact details if parents require further assistance.

Important Notes

  • The admission policy for In Year Applications is used if a situation occurs where a Community Secondary School has places available in a year group but receives more applicants than it has places available.
  • Community Secondary Schools will admit children up to the school’s admission number in year groups 7 to 11.
  • If the year group is oversubscribed i.e. the admission number has been reached or exceeded, it may not be possible to allocate a place to the child.
  • The issue of an Education, Health and Care Plan may override your right to a place under the Local Authority’s admission arrangements or may result in the withdrawal of the offer of a school place.   This is because the school may not be able to cope with the child’s individual needs.  Parent(s) / guardian(s) will be consulted about a school placement via the Education, Health and Care Plan procedures.