At SFX we want all staff and students to feel the love of Christ in their daily lives and to ensure the safeguarding of all adults and children within the SFX community.  To ensure that all community members are aware of procedures and follow them.  To ensure that all members of the community know who to contact if any concern arises (Mr Evans, Miss Crickett, Ms Ryan, Ms Butcher, Miss Fitzsimons, Miss Lindop, Miss Arends)

The safety of the students in our care is paramount to all those working in SFX.  Our students need to be able to come to school and not only feel safe there but also feel that if, for whatever reason, they do not feel safe, in school or anywhere else there is always someone to turn to and tell with confidence.

Our students should be able to come to school and feel able to live life in all its fullness.
Some Useful links can be found here:


Link to the google drive Resources for Safeguarding

Link to the google drive Student Support