Dear Parent/Guardian
Unfortunately due to the current covid restrictions pupils are not allowed to enter the changing rooms for their PE lessons. To ensure that they can still access the curriculum we would like pupils to:
Please arrive in full SFX PE kit on the days they have PE. As we are unable to provide bibs at this time, we would also like pupils to bring with them an unbranded plain white PE top in addition to their kit that they will keep in their bag. To identify teams, PE staff may ask your son to wear this on top of his PE kit but this will be explained at the start of each lesson.  If appropriate SFX kit is unavailable due to stock issues, can pupils please arrive with a note explaining this whilst also wearing their full school uniform. Pupils in uniform can still access the curriculum but in another role, such as an official but not as a performer. If this is the case and a parental note is provided that explains the lack of kit then no school sanctions will be given. Pupils can wear sportswear on top of their PE kit on the way to and from school but this must be removed at the start of the school day when they arrive in form. If a pupil is in anything other than SFX branded PE kit from Monday 14th September they will be required to return home to put on their school uniform.
I thank you in advance of your understanding.
Andrew Brown
Head of Physical Education