What year did  you leave SFX1992
Careers details I’ve been lucky to have two careers alongside each other. I’m a  management consultant and worked for Grant Thornton and then  KPMG. I now run my own consultancy, Social Impact Consulting,  helping co-ops, social enterprises and charities measure and improve  the impact of what they do. I’ve also been involved in local politics,  serving as a Liverpool City Councillor for 17 year. I represent the City  Centre and have been Assistant Mayor, responsible for Education in  Liverpool.
Favourite memory from  your time at  SFXThere are so many memories. Probably the most formative was Sixth  Form, especially some of the enrichment activities, like debates. One  that sticks in my mind was walking the Pennine Way in the summer of  1990 just after I did my GCSEs.
Any advice you  would give to  pupils studying  at SFX nowThere are lots of opportunities out there. Try new things. Do things that  are outside of your comfort zone. And don’t be afraid of change. You  can learn from everything you do in life.