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COVID-19 library closure:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the library remains closed for normal use at the moment.  If you borrowed any library books before lockdown please can you bring them to school and keep them in your bag as I will be visiting form rooms to collect them back in.  Do not worry that they are overdue, however we do need them back in so that other pupils have access to them.  If you need to borrow a library book please use Accessit, the new library catalogue (link above) and email Mrs Price on r.price@sfx1842.org with details.  They will then be delivered to you during form time or English lessons.  All books are quarantined for 72 hours on return.


Our library is centrally located in school next to the hall and is a facility which is extremely popular with all our pupils, for reading, doing homework, revision and using the computers.  We have many wonderful books here, from classics to the latest bestsellers, from quick reads to graphic novels – there really is something for everyone, so there is no reason to think that “the library is not for me.”

I am currently available in the library from 8.30am to 3.10 pm to help you with finding a book that interests you and to help you use the computers.  You can email me for help (r.price@sfx1842.org), or Year 7s can catch me on the yard at breaktime.  I will also be visiting form rooms occasionally to deliver and collect library books.



Opening Hours (in non-COVID times)

  • From 8.00am until form time
  • Breaktimes & lunchtimes
  • After school until 4.30pm

How to use the library

Borrowing books

You may borrow up to 3 books at a time.  Once you have chosen a book, take it to the library desk to be loaned to you on the computer by library staff.  Books can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks.  The date they are due to be returned is displayed on the date label at the front of the book.  It is important to come to the library desk to return your books on or before the date they are due back as other students might want to use them.  If you need them for longer, that’s fine –  you can extend the borrowing time by renewing them (see below)

Renewing books

If you haven’t finished reading your books by the time they are due back, you can renew them by either: simply bringing them to the desk on or before the due date and asking library staff to renew them for you so that you can then keep them for a further two weeks.  Or, by logging into your library account on Accessit and renewing them yourself.  You may need to ask for help the first time you do this.

Reserving books

If the book you wish to borrow is out on loan to another person, you can reserve the book.  This means the book will be put aside for you by library staff when it is returned by the current borrower and a note or email will be sent to you informing you that the book is available for you to collect.  You can arrange this by asking library staff to reserve it for you, or by logging into your library account on Accessit and reserving the item