Name of Person Role
Ms S McDonald

B.A(Hons) English; PGCE; National SENCO Award

Ms L Grace

B.A (Hons) Learning, Development and Support

Assistant SENDCo


Ms R MacCormack Learning Support Assistant
Ms N Boardman Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Wilkes Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Hood Learning Support Assistant
Ms G Worthington Learning Support Assistant

In the Learning Support Team we ensure that our students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities are supported in their education by liaising with Curriculum Leaders to ensure that the curriculum across the school meets their needs. We advise on the reasonable adjustments that are necessary to ensure that all our learners make progress, in spite of their needs.

We will organise one-to-one sessions when these are necessary and only if we believe that the student will benefit from this rather than being in a classroom.

Our aim is to ensure that all our students are taught appropriately and effectively within their classes.

The SEND Policy & Special Education Needs Information Report can be found in the Information Menu in the Policies & Procedures