Welcome To The St Francis Xavier’s College Website

St Francis Xavier’s College has a long and distinguished history. Our school has been providing the very best education for Roman Catholic boys in Liverpool since 1842. The school was founded in our City by the Society of Jesus and we are the oldest day school in England at a time when the Roman Catholic population was very deprived and lived in appalling conditions. Their mission was to ensure that their students had the very best opportunities to improve their lives.

Although the World has changed immensely in that time, one thing remains the same and that is the love and care each student receives every single day by our dedicated staff.

Our school motto,  “……Life In All Its Fullness” symbolises what we expect from all members of our school. We are a community,  based upon faith which impacts upon every element of our academic and personal lives and we expect everyone, adult and child, to ensure that they learn something new each day, living their lives as Children of Christ.

We are a Roman Catholic school, founded on gospel values and our boys are an important and integral part of the faith community. Christian principles are at the very heart of all that we do at St Francis Xavier’s College.

We expect everyone in our school to make the most of their opportunities, to learn something new each day and to reflect upon their experiences. We expect our students to work hard and always try their very best at everything that they do. We will assist them, by providing them with the best possible learning environment and outstanding teaching, in an atmosphere of order, discipline and Christian love.

We are very proud of our school and our students. 

This is a school that every member of the school community feels privileged to be associated with.

St Francis Xavier’s College is a unique school.

The Headteacher can be contacted by email on: headteacher@SFX1842.org