At St Francis Xavier’s College we have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to bullying.

We investigate every incident thoroughly.

In order to do this effectively we need you to give us as much information as you can.

If we need to speak to you be certain that this will be done discretely and no one will know that you have logged a bullying concern with us.

We encourage you to report on behalf of any one else if they are being bullied.

This survey goes directly to Mr Halliwell, Brother Peter, Ms Crickett & Ms Cain only. No one else will see it and it will always be treated seriously.


Are You Being Bullied?

YesNoSomeone I know is

Type Of Bullying


Where Does The Bullying Happen?

In the playgroundIn lessonsIn the corridorsTraveling to & from school

Have You Reported The Bullying Before?


If You Have Reported The Bullying Before, Who Did You Report It To?

Was It Dealt With Properly?


If You Answered No, Please Tell Us Why.

Have You Told Your Parents?






Thank you for this information. We will deal with this quickly, effectively and sensitively.