All homework will now be set through Class Charts.

Homework should be set in accordance with the following guidelines:

Years 7 to 9:
Core Subjects = Once a week (30 minutes)
EBacc Subjects = Once a fortnight (30 minutes)
Other subjects = every fourth lesson (30 minutes)

Years 10 & 11:
All Subjects = Once a week (45 minutes)

All subject teachers should set homework for all their classes and all students should complete it.

Excellent homework:

• Reading a paragraph, article, extract, different types of text etc.
• Setting questions on this reading – making explicit with verbal or written responses required
• Research – with guidance of where to look and how to feedback
• Knowledge Acquisition tasks – learning facts, spellings, formulae, quotes, definitions etc.
• Deliberate Practise of skills and techniques
• Exam technique and preparation
• Creating revision materials
• Online tasks

When setting homework, teachers are encouraged to be mindful of the wider commitments that students may have. Therefore:

• Only rarely should teachers ask that homework be completed for the next day.
• Setting homework to be completed during a holiday should be avoided as it may prove difficult for
some students.
• Only revision homework should be set during assessment or mock examination weeks.
If appropriate project based homework may be set, but this must be clear on ClassCharts.

The effort that pupils expend on homework should be recognised and rewarded, using the school’s reward system.

Feedback regarding homework should be provided to parents at Parents’ Evenings.