Students entering into 6th Form may have difficulties in knowing what to do outside of lessons. Students will be supported in developing the right strategies to become an independent learner, which require practise, patience and a large dose of determination. This will entail knowing what things they need to do on a regular basis in their personalised study periods and at home as well as how to be organised. This is further developed through the 6th Form tutorial programme.

We expect students to complement the work done in class through personalised study and at home which they must manage in their own time. We would recommend for Year 12 they spend on average 3 hrs of extra study per week per subject. For Year 13 on average 4 hrs per subject per week is recommended. Additional opportunities for silent study are available in the 6th Form LRC where students are encouraged to use the 6th Form facilities such as the internet and textbooks in their personalised study periods. Students are expected to be active learners, going beyond the classroom and their notes to consolidate their learning through making mind maps, answering past paper examination questions, researching topics under study etc.

In the 6th Form students will:

  • Receive high quality teaching
  • Be provided with a bank of examination questions for students to tackle in their own time
  • Be provided with recommended websites for further learning
  • Be assessed rigorously using past examination papers and mark schemes over 3 data points in the year.

Targets set for each student that are based on prior attainment will be communicated with each student directly as well as sent home to parents.

Each student who submits work will have it assessed and returned to the student in a timely manner. The feedback contained within it will be meaningful and constructive that gives clear instructions on how the students can improve. It is expected that this feedback will be acted upon by the student in their next formal assessment or homework. At the end of each data point all students will have a Progress Review between themselves and their form tutor in the first instance to discuss attainment and progress in all their subjects.