Can I do more than three subjects?

We recommend that all students study three subjects because this constitutes a full time course. Employers and Universities don’t expect students to have studied more than three A levels. 

Can I do any subject if I haven’t done it at GCSE?

In some cases you have to have a GCSE in that subject, they are; Art and Design, History, Design and Technology, Music, Modern Foreign Languages. None of the other subjects expect you to have studied them before at GCSE. If you have studied the subject at GCSE we expect you to achieve certain minimum grades to study that subject at A Level. See subject requirements page on our website for further details.

What if I don’t like the subjects I’ve chosen?

We give you until the end of September to try out your chosen subjects to make sure you are happy in your course. If you find a subject is not what you anticipated you can discuss this with Ms Finlay who will explore alternative subjects you may be able to study.

 Do I have to study GCSE Maths and English if I don’t have a grade 4 or better?

It is a government requirement that any student that who has not achieved a grade 4 or better in Maths or a grade 4 or better in either English language or literature must continue to study them in the Sixth Form. Your timetable will have these lessons on until you obtain at least a grade 4 in them.

I want to do Medicine, what subjects should I choose?

Check the entry requirements for different University courses, but Chemistry, Biology plus Maths or Physics, is essential for entry to Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. However, a single science, for example Biology or Psychology can be a way into many NHS related degrees.

I’m considering teaching as a career, are there any subjects I should take?

It depends on what course you are applying for and whether you intend to teach Primary or Secondary. However, to study to become a teacher you must have GCSE English and Maths and usually Science as well. For Secondary teaching, you should choose subjects you would consider teaching as you will specialise in these.