What We Expect From You:

  • To attend all timetabled lessons unless the absence is authorised. Reasons for authorised absence include: illness, medical appointments, driving tests, University visits… They do not include: holidays, driving lessons, part time work… Any medical/dental appointments must be confirmed either by phone call, letter, text or email from a parent/carer. Unacceptable patterns of absence will not be authorised. 
  • To arrive to all lessons and form periods punctually with the necessary equipment to learn.
  • You should behave in a polite and respectful manner at all times with all members of the College community. Be a community member and act as role models for the younger pupils and ambassadors of the College in your everyday life.
  • You are required to wear the 6th form identification badge at all times and sign in to college via the electronic system on entry and to sign out upon leaving. This must be done for any instance of entering and leaving the college site.
  • We encourage you to engage in any opportunities for leadership such as supporting lower College students or offering lunch time activities.

For more information please see the 6th Form Code of Conduct.

Student Absence Procedures

Attendance at lessons is the single most important factor in your achievement. You are expected to attend all timetabled lesson and be punctual to these every lesson. Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in you becoming subject to the College’s Support and Disciplinary Procedures through the implementation of Learning Agreements.

Reporting Absences

Parents/guardians should report all absences by telephone or email to the College by 8:30a.m. each day of your absence please email [email protected] Your attendance is a major priority and you should keep the College fully informed of any genuine reason for absence. 

Lateness Procedure

You should be punctual to all lessons. If you know that you are going to be late you must inform the College. If you arrive late you must sign in electronically at main reception with your ID badge and go straight to your lesson.  

Authorised Absences

Some absences may be classified as authorised and in these cases students will be marked as ‘authorised’ on College attendance records. You must gain approval of known absences in ADVANCE. These will ONLY be approved if the reason for absence is unavoidable and the evidence has been presented to Mrs Walker, usually prior to the date of the absence.

Please see Student guide for details of permitted authorised absences

Unauthorised Absences

Sickness Absence 

Sickness absence will be recorded as unauthorised until the College receives appropriate notification. Routine doctors’ and dental appointments will also be recorded as unauthorised until the College receives appropriate notification.

Holidays in College Term Time

Holidays in term-time will NOT be approved by the College and will be recorded as unauthorised. Holidays taken during term time may result in disciplinary sanctions and may contribute to progression decisions.

Procedures for Monitoring Attendance

In the case of an unplanned absence, parents/carers are expected to notify the College each day of their child’s absence.  The 6th Form Pastoral Assistant will contact home on the first day of absence if the College has not received notification from a parent/carer via text message. This will continue for each day a student is absent and no explanation has been given by a parent/carer. If no contact has been made by the parent/carer by the third day of absence, an email will also be sent home. 

The 6th Form Pastoral Assistant sends home a half termly attendance email to parents that highlights their attendance for that half term.

Critical Concern 90% or below –RED REPORTSeen by Director of Sixth Form and action plan activated which may involve being placed on a Level 2 Learning AgreementUnsatisfactory – AMBER REPORT93% -90%Seen by Sixth Form Pastoral Assistant who will give a formal warning to improve.Satisfactory 96.99% – 93% YELLOW REPORTSeen by Form Tutors to investigate possible reasons for a dip in attendanceGood 97% or better – GREEN  no action taken.

Attendance To Lessons

Students must attend all lessons and additional study sessions relevant to their programme of study. If a student is present and fails to attend lessons, the College will contact parents, and the student may be placed on a Learning Agreement to monitor their attendance in all lessons. Repeated incidents of truancy may result in a student losing their place in the Sixth Form.

6th Form Support and Disciplinary Procedures

Level 1 Learning Agreement – all students sign on admission to 6th form that outlines the basic expectations of a student.

Level 2 Learning Agreement for concerns about academic progress, punctuality, attendance. This lasts for a specified time frame where a student will sign and promise to meet certain requirements that are specific to the concerns for that individual.

Level 3 Learning Agreement for serious concerns or failing to meet the requirements of a Level 2 Learning Agreement. This is the final level before a discussion would take place regarding the students place in 6th Form.