Who's Who?

Curriculum Leader: Mr M Platt

Teaching Staff:

Mr S Stewart

Mr A Brown

Mr P Kelly

Mr D Martin

Our Aims

As a department, we aim to provide a challenging, disciplined and safe environment for high quality teaching and learning in Physical Education. Pupils should experience a balance of activities which has the necessary breadth to inspire lifelong physical activity habits. Progression should be evident as the pupil passes through key stage 3 with a more personalised focused choice of activity in key stage 4. Pathways for accreditation suited to the pupil’s individual learning needs will also be offered through key stages four and five. The department is focused also on improving the leadership skills of our pupils to provide them with key employability skills, through their experiences in sport. The curriculum is also designed with a focus on health related exercise, with knowledge built through KS3 that will provide pupils with the information needed to plan and complete a personal fitness programme in adult life. We will ensure each pupil is offered a stimulating and relevant choice of extracurricular provision in both a recreational and elite capacity. By the end of their physical education at the academy, pupils should have developed a personal commitment to, and genuine passion for sport, maintaining their health and well-being into adult life.

Enrichment Opportunities

Physical Education Enrichment Opportunities

Where To Go

Old Xaverian Cricket Training
Mersey Mavericks Basketball Club
Liverpool Harriers Athletics Club

Work for Us

Work for Us