Who's Who?

Curriculum Leader: Mr B Mitchinson

Teaching Staff:

Mrs C Farren

Mr H Jacks

Mrs Byrne

Our Vision

Languages open careers across global industries, the government is promoting the teaching of languages to support British commerce. In Merseyside languages are valued by more affluent families but can be undervalued by lower income families who do not see their potential. SFX has a strong school history rich in languages, pupils are sent here with an understanding that French and Spanish will be taught.

The MFL department at SFX strives to ensure that all students in our learning environments can access languages and find them engaging.

Our Curriculum Intent

Our MFL Curriculum at St Francis Xavier’s Academy is designed around the context of our students – Year 11 students in Merseyside achieve lower in MFL qualifications compared to the national average.

We must close this gap in MFL learning for future Xaverians.

Our Xaverians will learn to love languages through the carefully designed sequencing, ensuring that they can communicate in spoken and written form about topics such as home life, school and leisure activities as well as enhancing their cultural capital.

Strong relationships are important to our staff who teach engaging lessons that promote progression for all.

A Xaverian linguist will:

  • become a global citizen with appreciation of other cultures and understand the value of language learning
  • be able to communicate verbally and in written form about their lives and interests
  • understand listening and reading passages in the target language
  • feel a passion for languages and continue as a linguist into their adult lives.
Curriculum Implementation

The MFL department offers French, German and Spanish. There are dedicated specialist teachers for each strand from Year 7 onwards. There are 4 teachers who offer French and Spanish at KS3 and 3 can teach to KS3 in Spanish and 2 can teach to KS4 in French. German is offered by 2 teachers as an extra GCSE from 2022 as an ab initio in year 10.

MFL teachers ensure that students are consistently and constantly given feedback throughout lessons, peer and self-assessed work effectively, and students hit a high standard through all written, practical and speaking assessments Assessments are formative end-of-topic tests to ensure progress and close any gaps upon reflection, and summative assessments that test both their current learning and their prior learning.

Curriculum Impact

The impact of our curriculum is that we set up our students to become competent  linguists, as well as ensuring that those who do not wish to continue  have enough knowledge to communicate using their languages on a social level.

Enrichment Opportunities

Trips Nice/Barcelona

French penpals

French breakfasts/ Spanish tapas

Poster/Christmas competitions

Languages in the Community with York University

Importance of Languages/ careers by Lancaster University

Cultural events integrated into lessons like World Cup, Eurovision and Euros

How To Support Your Child's Learning

Ensuring homework is completed, can be checked via Classcharts

Talking about language lessons at home

Encourage pupils to teach their parents something from the lesson how to say I like……

Encouraging your child to see the benefits of speaking other languages

Revision guides and workbooks

Where To Go

French/Spanish restaurants

Visits to France and Spain



What To Watch

Netflix shows such as Lupin, Casa de papel,

French Films, les choristes, Amélie, Cages aux folles, Les Intouchables,Adu, le petit nicholas

Spanish films, la Misma Luna,Coco, Laberintho del Fauno

What To Read

KS3 CGP Revision Guides

KS4/5 el pais, le monde apps

Online Websites

Blooket, Quizlet, Memrise, Seneca, Languagesonline, Languagenut, Kahoot, I Jour, 1 Actu, AQA website pastpapers, https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize, Youtube, Spotify

Work for Us

Work for Us