Who's Who?

Curriculum Leader: Mrs D Hennigan

Teaching Staff:

Ms O Akinwale

Miss K Arends

Mr N Davies

Ms A Fitzsimons

Mr K Glover

Mr R Jackson

Miss H Mealey

Mr D Scally

Mrs N Smith

Our Curriculum Intent

We believe in a strong, ambitious mathematics curriculum that sparks interest, enthusiasm and curiosity in our students; a curriculum that provides students with the problem-solving skills they need for life, and for future career pathways.

Our curriculum is built with the aims of the national curriculum in mind: that students become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, can reason mathematically and can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems.We aim to develop the skills necessary to enjoy the subject to its full and to maximise their potential in it through:

  • Develop conceptual understanding using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.
  • Develop fluency, and the ability to recall and apply knowledge accurately.
  • An ability to link different aspects of mathematics to other topic areas, and across the wider curriculum.
  • An opportunity to reason mathematically, developing justifications and proof, and making generalisations.
  • The ability to communicate their ideas effectively using appropriate vocabulary and mathematical symbols
Enrichment Opportunities

Lectures at local universities.

Liverpool School Improvement Maths Party day

National Numeracy Day

Chess Club.

STEM club



How To Support Your Child's Learning
  • The use of online support tools to provide additional support (listed further below).
  • Encourage fluency and recall of times tables facts using TT rockstars
  • The completion of homework to a high standard – Check class charts for homework and encourage your child to complete it to the best of their ability.
What To Watch
What To Read
  • 50 Mathematical Ideas You Really Need to Know by Tony Crilly – Age 11+
  • The Math Book by Clifford A Pickover – Age 12+
  • Alex’s Adventures in Numberland by Alex Bellos – Age 13+
  • The Monty Hall Problem: Beyond Closed Doors by Rob Deaves – Age 14+
  • The Language of Mathematics by Keith Devlin – Age 14+
Online Websites

Hegarty Maths


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