Who's Who?

Curriculum Leader: Mr R Swan

Teaching Staff:

Mr I Green

Miss A Crickett

Miss L Beeton

Our Curriculum Intent


We intend students to have an enjoyment and fascination with history that allows students to have a well rounded and robust knowledge of the past and present. Our curriculum should provide students with the opportunity to develop a deeper, broader and richer knowledge of British and wider world history. This should encourage students to become critical and compassionate thinkers. We expect students to have a fuller understanding of the history of Liverpool, Britain and the wider world This should develop their knowledge and understanding of different social groups. This intends to foster kindness and tolerance within our pupils.


Clear stepping stones guide students through their three, five or seven year study of history with the curriculum providing students with a deep and broad knowledge and understanding of our history. There is a clear focus on developing students’ understanding of where they live and their place within Britain and the wider work through the study of key events and periods. Knowledge and skills developed upon arrival lay the foundations for deeper knowledge and understanding year on year. Through engaging lessons which strive to be fresh and enjoyable pupils are provided with a high quality and meaningful historical education. Threads and themes such as Control, Church and state and divergent experience are layered throughout our studies to develop a depth of knowledge and understanding to help develop healthy, employable, compassionate, modern and critical citizens.


Pupils are assessed by self, peer, summative and formative assessments along with formal assessment points within the school calendar. Pupils should leave with an enhanced knowledge of British and elseworld history including different social groups within society.

Enrichment Opportunities

Take a trip to a local museum, local historic building or a historic city. This will develop your son’s understanding of the world and help to place some key historical events in context.

How To Support Your Child's Learning

You can support your child’s learning through many different methods, arguably, the most effective way to support your child is by reading with them and fostering a love for learning. By supporting your child’s literacy you will broaden their vocabulary and their ability to access more complex thinking. This will enable your child to flourish within school and achieve top grades.

What To Watch

Series: Horrible Histories, World War 2 In Colour, Secrets of Great British Castles, Timeline – World History Documentaries (Youtube), A House Through Time, Tony Robinson’s History of Britain, The Worst Jobs in History

Films: Saving Private Ryan – 1998, Dunkirk – 2017, They Shall Not Grow Old – 2018, A Knight’s Tale – 2001, Robin Hood – 1973, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – 1991, Oliver! – 1968

Work for Us

Work for Us