Who's Who?

Mr G Bright – Head of Department

Mr A Burke

Mr G Skelton

Our Curriculum Intent

To provide our pupils with a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live; by investigating the diversity of the physical and human processes that shape places across our planet, and the interaction of humans with the natural world.

To broaden the spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of our students as they become well-rounded global citizens; and to develop their geographical skills which will help them in school and beyond.

Enrichment Opportunities

A range of places to visit, programmes to watch, and books to read.

How To Support Your Child's Learning

News programmes (BBC, ITV, Sky, etc), Documentaries (Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, etc), Book: Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall, Book: The Power of Geography by Tim Marshall,

Books: The Horrible Geography range

Where To Go

Liverpool Maritime Museum, all areas across Liverpool, Ormskirk, Ainsdale Beach and Dunes.

Holiday Destinations.

What To Watch

The News, Planet Earth Series, Frozen Planet Series, Relevant Documentaries on each channel (recommended weekly by departmental staff)

Weekly recommendations from Geogglebox website

What To Read

Newspapers, News websites, The Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall, The Power of Geography by Tim Marshall, Atlases, World Factbook website.

Online Websites

Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize, Cool Geography, I Like 2 Learn, Geogglebox

Work for Us

Work for Us