Business Studies

Who's Who?

Ms McParland – Head of Department

Mrs Williams

Mr Adamson

Mrs Callaghan

Our Curriculum Intent

The intent for the Business Studies Department at SFX is to provide opportunities through the curriculum to develop commercially minded and enterprising individuals.

Business Studies should enable pupils to: – Know about entrepreneurs. – Understand what makes a successful entrepreneur. – Develop an awareness of their enterprise capabilities so that they are able to consider owning their own business as an alternative career path. They should also be equipped with the employability skills needed for the changing world of work and entrepreneurship. -Have the opportunities for real life examples and knowledge about business in the real world therefore challenging and enriching the pupils’ vocational opportunities. – Develop knowledge and understanding of business and economic concepts and terms. – Develop knowledge and understanding of their role in business and as a wider part of society and the economy. – In addition to learning about business theory and calculations, pupils will be required to consider the health, social, moral and ethical issues surrounding business decisions and the impact that businesses can have on a wide range of stakeholders. – Develop an interest in current business and economic affairs by reading widely around the subject in newspapers, as well as watching business related television programmes. The Business Studies curriculum at SFX is designed to give pupils the necessary knowledge and skills they need to live in the business orientated world in which we live. It has also been designed to prepare pupils who wish to pursue both academic and vocational Level 3 courses in business and related areas for those who would like to begin an apprenticeship in the field of business. The Business curriculum is planned to develop knowledge and understanding of financial literacy. Pupils have opportunities to develop their financial awareness and to master the skills needed to analyse and interpret financial documents. By the end of KS4, pupils are expected to be able to talk and write knowledgeably about business, enterprise and the economy, using subject specific language accurately and confidently. They should be able to utilise Business specific skills such as making links between different units of work; analysing and interpreting business case studies and understanding financial information and language.

KS5 Business and Economics

Business at Key stage 5 is delivered to develop a student on their passion and creativity for the subject, the course overarches knowledge with skills to allow the student to be thorough in their theories of the focal topics of business decision making and economic theory. It consolidates the topics in a two year course to provide an in-depth understanding of the global business context as well as the student explaining the how and the why of a business decision.

KS5 Cambridge Technical Level 3

The Cambridge Technical takes a holistic approach to the subject, students can demonstrate the interrelated nature of business using business models, theories, and techniques to support analysis of contemporary business issues and situations to provide a dynamic understanding of business. The content is designed to engage students through topics and issues that are relevant in today’s society – they will study customers and communication, business ethics and globalisation which are covered throughout the topics. Students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyse data, think critically about issues, and make informed decisions – all skills that are needed for further study and employment.

Enrichment Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to explore different job roles through interviews, listening and engaging with guest speakers, volunteering to work for charities and work experience. Many of our students in KS5 have part-time jobs and are able to bring business theory to life in the taught lesson. Business students explore cultural development and ethics through units covered, e.g. Year 13 theme based on Globalisation.

How To Support Your Child's Learning

Parents/Carers can also support by encouraging your child to attend extra revision sessions and ensuring homework is completed in a timely fashion. Discussions on Business news and watching the Business news together on a regular basis will facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject in a real world context.

Where To Go:

Within our locality there are many places to visit which are rich in cultural capital and have a link to business. Our local football clubs provide opportunities to see how finance, corporate social responsibility and marketing practices operate. Tourism in our city is an area which develops our local economy and there are many places to visit to experience different businesses which attract international interest in terms of music and history.

What To Watch:

The Dragon’s Den, The Martin Lewis Money Show, Watchdog, Sky news & business news on major stations, Tutor2u – Youtube, Inside the Factory, Unifrog – clips, MOOCs

What To Read:

KS4 & KS5 CGP Revision Guides

BBC Business News

The Guardian

The Financial Times

Students are encouraged to make well informed decisions based on the business or economic strategies they have learnt. We encourage the student to take on wider reading through business sections in newspapers and an approach of autonomy for learning about the diverse economies in the world and changing business world. It develops an analytical, rigorous and critical approach to the decision making process for a business student, capturing a skill set which can be used in the workplace or university.

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